Osteria De Poeti Bologna


The Osteria Dè Poeti is always located in a 1400 century noble Palace, situated in the historic center of Bologna.

edittoIn the 16° century in the old wine cellar of this palace was founded the "Hustari dri dal Ren", a public-house for enterprising of the first hosts.

This name was changed in "Osteria Dè Poeti" at the begin of the 19°century when more poets and artist (Giosuè Carducci, Lorenzo Stecchetti, Giovanni Pascoli) were regular frequenters of this public-house.


edittoNow the Osteria Dè Poeti is completaly restored and historically unchanged, we can find the charateristic groin vaults, the fireplace of 1400, the wine-celler, the spring water well and the original counter imposed by the papal gouvernement in the 17°century.




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